APC Smart Ups have always been a huge help for companies, business and users who don’t want to experience the worst case scenario of having to unprecedentedly shut down servers or networks which may even lead to loss of important data due to power anomalies that may come up. This is avoided with the help of Smart Ups or Smart Uninterruptible Power Source. Schneider Electrics, renowned Electricity distributor, bolsters the array of APC Smart Ups they offer which only gives their clients, more choices to pick from depending on the usage, environment and type of company where it’s going to be use.

Specifically, the Schneider electrics has made a serious expansion of the On-line APC Smart UPS belonging to the single-phase category, which they offer. The expansion included models that would generate over 5 to 10 kVA or simply 5,000 to 10,000 Volt amps. The unit model possessing 5 kVa has a stunning power factor rating that reaches 0.9. The ones after it, 6 to 10 features a capability called ‘unity power factor’.

The new feature brought by these new models eases the process of assigning specific protection for the power while still maintaining the input and output of electricity it generates. This product is suitable to a wide array of network, applications and even server rooms, easing clients from worries of power interruptions. The models they offer also differs in runtime which are all scalable, while all of them can come in the form of towers or racks, giving room for more configurations to be done that will fit your place of work.

The APC Smart Ups On-line are also very easy to install while operating it will surely be a cinch with an added feature from 5kVa models and up which allows you to remotely manage them. The On-Line feature which this UPS possess also allows for a more precise and accurate double conversion that will not eat up any time during transfer proving its high-end regulation of frequency. It is also added that there are various modes available for its operation and with them, a mode exist that would allow an efficient operation up to 97%.