Around 100 teachers coming from different English speaking countries in the globe are participating in a special project that aims to teach the English as secondary language for the less fortunate pupils that are studying in the elementary school located in Israel.

TALMA is also known as the Israel Program for Excellence in English. It is a summer program that is immersed in ESL. It was designed for kids belonging to municipalities with very low income. It is managed in partnership with the Education Ministry, the Steinhardt family Foundation in Israel and the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.

According to the director of TALMA, Alon Futterman, they call the event the 11 month for the public education.

The program will assign young teachers coming from countries that speak English, most of them are from the United States, in classrooms with their Israeli partner teacher in order to help teach English to students from Grade 4 to Grade 6.

Futterman also said that the program will help give unique opportunities as well as benefits to the students and to the teachers who will be teaching side by side.

He also added that there is a link when it comes to higher education and finding employment. Nowadays, in order for a student to qualify for higher education, they must have five units of English coming from their secondary school certificate. Parents who want their kids to have a chance in entering the University should invest in the years that they are beginning to learn English.

For the students in the elementary school, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, a chance to learn English in a way that they would not have been able to afford if not for the program.

Futterman said that the program is full immersion so the entire class will be in English. The first part is focused on learning the language while the second part is meant for education projects. For those who are teaching English overseas especially to small kids, they are teaching them to develop their confidence in speaking the language.