Technology has affected how people do their day-to-day lives. From driving to offices to cooking in kitchens, from how research to entertainment is done, all of it is affected by technology. The classroom is not exempted from the influence of technology too.

Increased use of technology in classrooms

Technology has influenced classrooms with 97% of teachers having a minimum of one computer in the classroom, as of 2009. In addition, for those computers, 93% have access to the internet that students and teachers can use. In fact, the ratio for students to computers is 5.3 to one. There is a big increase in the past twenty years.

The general effect of technology in schools

Teachers and students find that the increase in technology availability is generating positive outcomes when it comes to the learning environment. For teachers in Pre-K to 12th grades, 74% mention that technology has helped expand and reinforce the contents that they are teaching. Students in the same percentage report that technology is part of a motivator in the learning process.

Writing and technology

A majority of teachers and students say that digital technology has allowed their writing abilities to be shared with a wider and more diverse audiences. This statement is strongly agreed by 52%. Seventy- nine percent of students who write also agree that technology encourages collaboration.

Technology as a homework helper

Almost one-third of those surveyed say that they use tablets for their homework. Sixty-five percent are using laptops. In addition, 39% of fourteen year olds, 42% of 6th graders, and 57% of 8th graders all say they use smartphones to finish their homework.

Technology alters the learning order

Technology is also altering the way teachers and students are receiving, processing and using information to meet their learning standards and goals. Instead of hearing a lecture at school then doing homework based from the lecture, the process has now changed. Students now watch video lectures for their homework. Then, they go to class and receive help with activities or projects, or take exams. This new process helps students having difficulty with learning to truly learn the information.


Indeed, technology and the internet have brought about many changes for learning and education. If anyone is looking for an application that solves mathematical problems from a picture or an assignment writing service in Canada, technology enables this through computers and the internet.