A student from Simsbury High School recently organized a food drive wherein he was able to gather hundreds of pounds of food during the holiday season. He is hoping to be able to establish a nonprofit organization one day. Technology experts advised about having a website focused on nonprofit web design to gain supporters and eventually donors.

Bronson Starsiak is currently 17 years old and he started the food drive with Simsbury Food Closet as the recipient. His collection started at home by rummaging through their kitchen cabinets. He shared how he found a lot of canned foods inside their pantry before the holiday started and he thought about food as a huge part of their traditions. His thoughts went into the unfortunate who don’t even have enough food for their daily living. This is when he decided to make a difference by organizing a food drive.

Donations came mainly from their home, the neighborhood as well as the members of the youth lacrosse team in his school in which he is a part of.

Starsiak was grateful for the donations given by his neighbors. During those times, he found out that every single person has the capacity to make a change. It does not require a lot of effort nor money but a simple act such as a food drive can help others.

The act inspired him to start a nonprofit organization. He is currently busy planning SKORE (Students Keen On Recycling Equipment) with the goal of gathering sports equipment, cleaning them and distributing them to those in need. He is planning to collaborate with schools all over Hartford.

He shared that he is processing the legal paperwork required and Starsiak will be scheduling the first collection which will be at his school. He admitted about being excited with the nonprofit.

He is happy with the success of the food drive and that is what motivated him to push his plan for SKORE. The idea came to him a long time ago but it was not until the food drive that everything came together for him. He is hoping to tackle nonprofit web design soon in order to launch a website.