The bitcoin community is composed of a lot of startups with the most popular to include companies such as BitPay, Coinbase, Blockchain and Circle. These companies may be in the forefront of the bitcoin transactions but the most important role lies to the miners. These are mostly individuals as well as organization that compose the backbone of the bitcoin community. They are the ones making sure that the integrity of the digital currency remains intact.

Every week, the number 1 spot in the bitcoin ranking changes and this article will only show the top companies that according to the order they are in the last week of June 2016.

  • DiscusFish or F2Pool takes the number 1 spot with 22.06 per cent. It is popularly known as F2Pool and is owned by a Chinese firm. The logo of the company features a discus fish thus its other name is DiscusFish. The operation is spearheaded by two Chinese individuals who are also technology enthusiasts – Wang Chun and Mao Shihang.
  • AntPool owns 16.82 per cent of the total bitcoin in circulation. It is operated by Bitmain, a mining hardare company that is owned by a Chinese. The company’s headquarter is located in Beijing.
  • BW Pool has a total of 15.33 per cent and is another pool owned by a Chinese national. The owner is Bitbank, a company that deals with digital currency with Chandler Guo as the founder.
  • BTCC has around 14.34 percent of bitcoin. It is a pretty recent startup in the bitcoin community but still one of the biggest players considering that it only joined at the closing of 2014. This is mainly due to the company being the largest bitcoin exchange firm in China. Though it was founded in 2011, the ownership was transferred to Bobby Lee after he purchased the company.
  • The fifth spot is taken by BitFury with 8.61 per cent. It is considered as the best funded in all of the mining hardware company because it has earned a total of $20 million in July of last year. The company is now valued at $60 million.

With a lot of companies currently in the scene and many more are trying to venture into bitcoin mining, there is no doubt that bitcoin is secure.