It all started when a lawyer felt quite bored. According to Evan Mendelsohn who is now 31 years old, he was doing corporate law and dealing with contracts and due diligence made him feel bored and he has a sarcastic way of showing it.

To get answer his boredom, Mendelsohn decided to search online regarding SEO or Search Engine Optimization. He decided he needed a secondary hobby and while many will not agree that SEO is considered as a hobby, he went on and pursued it. During his research regarding SEO, he was able to see what online users are searching for and he also thought that their searches might give him an idea on what to do for a business. It was in 2011 that he saw there was a sudden increase of online searches with the keyword ugly Christmas sweater. It was Eureka moment for him since there seems to be a high demand for it but not much sellers are available online.

It his desire to start a business but he never wanted it alone so he decided to look for a partner. There was only one person for him that will fit the bill and it was Nick Morton, DDS. Morton is his roommate before and also his best friend during their school days at the University of California, located in San Diego. Mendelsohn shared that Morton is calm as well as possesses excellent intuition. He is the best business partner for him.

During that time, Morton who is 34 years old was practicing at San Francisco when his friend called him regarding the business idea he had and that is to sell ugly Christmas sweaters online. Morton was quick to jump on board the business plan. In just a week’s time, they were able to have their own website Tipsy Elves which they have capitalized using their cash and stocks. Each of them contributed $40,000. They learned how to build their own e-commerce site and research on business matters such as shipping and fulfillment. They were also able to learn Photoshop and design. They may not be the best graphic artist but they started making their own designs for the ugly Christmas sweater and everything sky rocketed from there.