There have been many testimonies of effective weight loss with HCG, but many others still remain dubious about its credibility. Even with the results and countless research done, the program still has undying criticisms. One factor might be because the results are too good to be true – an average of shedding one pound per day and since the program lasts for 30 days and one may extend for 60 days, one may lose up to 90 lbs within a short period of time. The only other alternative that offers the same result in the given time is weight loss through surgery, but the price would be exorbitant. With HCG, one only needs to purchase a bottle of HCG drops worth $50 to $70 that is good for one month.

Now let us discuss the protocol. Weight loss with HCG is no magic, one needs to follow a protocol. The client must embark on a low-calorie diet. People who are dubious with the HCG program attribute the weight loss to the low-calorie diet, claiming that HCG has nothing to do with it. Note that the low-calorie diet is as low as taking only 500 calories per day, while the body needs 2,000 to 3,000 calories to typically get by in a day. With that alone, a person may feel weak, nauseous, and needless to say it is dangerous for the body.

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced by pregnant women to aid in nurturing the new life growing. HCG or the abundance of it ensures the proper development of the baby as well as the success of the pregnancy to result in a healthy child. Regardless if the mother is malnourished during pregnancy, if there is an abundance of HCG, the baby will still be healthy. This is because the body naturally has stored fats, every one of us. The fats abnormally stored under our skin called adipose fats never get used as fuel or burned as energy. HCG triggers the delegation of those facts to be provided as nourishment to the baby during pregnancy. This is done so by HCG through stimulating the hypothalamus to release adipose fats from storage to be used accordingly. With this known HCG function, experts have developed it as a weight loss tool partnered with the right protocol to optimize its weight loss effect on the body.