The eight annual Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 league table is a list of the companies in Britain with the fastest-growing exports, organized and ranked. The list has been recently released early May, with 2 North Eastern Britain companies having managed to make the cut, a bottling company and an IT recruitment firm, who can offer good bottling tips and IT recruitment Tips, respectively.

Two North Eastern Britain companies managed to continue their commercial success and get themselves included in the prestigious list of the country’s fastest growing exporters. The two North Eastern companies that made it on the list are County Durham’s Greencroft Bottling, and Newcastle’s Frank Recruitment.

Greencroft Bottling has already featured on the list prior, having made the cut last year after growing their exports to £6.4m. The County Durham based bottler is one of the largest wine bottling companies in Europe, and it’s production line can handle filling up 90,000 bottles and boxes of wine by the hour. The company has customers in Australia, New Zealand, as well as in the US, Chile, and even South Africa. Last year, the company made a big investment to increase its overall bottling capacity by 25%. The investment was reported to have cost £3M.

The other North East business is one worth asking for IT recruitment Tips. Frank Recruitment Group managed to make the list for the first time after its takeover by TPG Group, an American investment group, which has a history of backing several other successful enterprises, such as Spotify and Airbnb.

The IT recruitment firm operates globally, handling over 70 countries, and has been growing rather quickly, as proven by their presence on this list. The company recently opened offices in the US, specifically in Philadelphia and Dallas. Additionally, the firm’s international sales rose to £76.7M last year.

Both companies had managed to also win other accolades in the past few month. Frank Recruitment had made the list of Britain’s fastest growing firms in the month of March, whilst both companies, alongside Greencroft’s sister company Lanchester Wines, managed to make the cut for the Stock Exchange’s 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain report.

The listing shows the importance of Europe to Britain’s exporting mid-market companies, as the Brexit negotiations loom. 85% of the companies featured on the list was aimed primarily at Europe, followed by North America and Asia.