Think about that moment when you first experience the most exquisite fine dining. The head waiter introduces himself quietly and caters to your every need. The server wearing black-tie comes to deliver an experience that is beyond your expectation. The process is similar to white glove solutions, where it gets packages to customers all for an inexpensive price. While major carriers tend to drop the package off at a customer’s location, without notification, it may not go an extra mile. As a result, white glove services and transportation management are becoming a major trend, and consigners or shippers need to know why.

Explaining What White Glove Services Are

The white glove solutions are services provided in transportation management that surpass a typical expectation for delivery. While a customer may be pleased to see a package on their doorway when they reach home, it can pose an added risk. Some crooks may have taken the parcel, or the content of the parcel is perishable. White glove services go beyond the typical delivery in transportation management, and customers are considering these trends.

This is where the term begins to play. Defining white glove services means handling with care the moving products in which the movers or consigners literally wear white gloves to protect the package. They take the item with extra care, sparing no expense to deliver what customers need.

What Items Demand White Glove Services?

The items that need white glove solutions are those that cannot be easily deliveredin customers’ locations. Huge household appliances, furniture and expensive gadgets need white glove services. These items need utmost care and attention upon delivery. Consigners need to use white glove services, so that they can gratify the needs of their customers. As a result, they meet realistic expectations through the white glove services.

Guarantees for Liability and Damage

In terms of liability, such service has an implication for minimising liability and damages done on the shipments. As the white glove solutions can be expensive, consigners lower the risks involved in delivering the products using the right services. What this means is having cheaper premiums and lesser claims from the shipper. As a result, there is minimal customer complaints, while providing great customer service, and thus making the business grow and become more profitable.