The season of sales are starting and it is the best time to get your beloved pets their gifts and ugly Christmas sweaters should be included in the list. If you are still empty handed for the coming fall and winter holidays then it is high time you get something for everyone but make sure to have something special for your loyal pets.

If you are a pet owner then it should be a time to celebrate the holidays with the ones that you spend your whole year with – your dogs and cats. Companies and businesses are fully aware of the importance of the upcoming holiday and they know that during these special days, consumers would love to stock everything they could before the holiday arrives.

According to Amanda O’Brien, the marketing director of Planet Dog, their company is going to present to the consumers their new product line which will feature gifts for dogs that are holiday themed. O’Brien shared a data that revealed how 67 per cent of dog owners are planning on buying something for their dog these coming holidays. Every member of the family has gifts during the holiday and dogs are not an exception since they are considered a member of the family. Planet Dog aims to provide products that are not only fun filled and holiday oriented but also durable enough for the pets.

Pet Palette LLC’s operations director, Mike Dagne, shared how many of the retail companies depend on the last quarter of the year since it is the most critical time in the business. Many of the retailers are allocating around 35 to 40 per cent of their operation during the last quarter. Some of the customers who will be buying products for the holiday will be repeat customers which demand the importance of providing new option for them annually.

P.L.A.Y.’s associate director of sales, Lisa Hisamune, revealed that they are releasing new toys for the upcoming holiday. Many of these toys such as the Santa’s Little Squeakers are inspired by decorations used during Christmas as well as designs from ugly Christmas sweaters.