Marketing leaders are already overdue to redefine what content marketing success means. A better understanding regarding marketing ROI and pushing content marketing to a revenue driving force are both at stake.

Even if content marketing is still somehow new to several people, it is already going through an evolution. If a content is not engaging and not offering value to customers, it is not likely to be seen, shared, or influence revenue to a brand.

Daniel Ruyter from The Content Standard by Skyword listed ways about how a marketing leader must define success in terms of content, with key expectations which need to be changed.

Content marketing KPIs need redefining

Even if statistics, such as page views, session duration, unique visits and bounce rates, may influence how a business feels, these only matter when they are examined in context. And, context is a big challenge for the marketing leaders to comprehend.

The top website key performance indicators to redefine include: sessions, users, and page views; demographic info (like gender and age); global bounce rate; and anything organic search.

With a new perspective, KPIs can take on another definition of success.

Don’t neglect email content

Email marketing, including its subscribers, matter. Reports also still indicate that marketing through email is one of the top digital channels for ROI.

Email marketing is inexpensive which helps in contributing to its huge ROI. However, throwaway email marketing should go. An email content strategy must be liken to a publishing destination like how videos, blogs, or other content hubs are treated.

Contents are not made equal

Contents which are most valuable to visitors at every level of the purchasing process must be looked in, since content that is most valuable must be treated important through engagement value scoring.

Determine the best content, while making sure that it is seen, consumed in every device, and shared with minimal friction. Create additional content same as the top performing content, too.

No longer accept false geographic wins

Geo and language metrics are great examples of those selective filters that good content marketers must consider when traffic is not offering value to efforts. When these are not accounted, it is likely that incorrect investment and decisions are made.


In the end, marketers should adjust the methods to define and measure success. A marketing ROI calculator can also help in this process.