Cisco is known to be one of the most popular manufacturers of networking equipment and they are in the works to separate themselves from that branding. Last quarter, the company was able to launch its newest platform which is the DNA or Digital Network Architecture. The goal of the company in creating the platform was to be able to conquer the digitization chaos that has been overpowering many organizations as well as businesses. The company is considering their new launch as a bold statement to customers that says, “Avail of our software service and it will run no matter what the platform is”.

Cisco is now determined to be separated from the ‘networking company’ branding and they are aiming to be known as a company that focuses on innovation, acquisition as well as investment. Cisco has already aimed their goal on the target. The Director of Enterprise Network in Tech2, Prashanth Shenoy, who is also known to be one of best when it comes to Cisco’s Enterprise Mobility, Unified Access and CMX or Connected Mobile Experiences solutions marketing, shared how they plan to achieve their goal.

When asked regarding the diversification of the company, Shenoy compared it to plumbing. According to him, because Cisco has been in the market for over 30 years already, it has been considered that networking is just a plumbing now especially in the continued rise of the mobile devices. When you turn the tap on, that is when the water flows freely. Shenoy revealed that they have been working on their plumbing in the smartest way possible in order for them to move forward thus they used their best asset which is their expertise in the field. He also said that the company has already been investing in the security market for the last seven years. There are other areas that Cisco is interested in such as analytics and collaboration. Just as Cisco is determined to have their plumbing works out for them, your literal plumbing at home can be a success with a reliable service provider such as