Hotels, airlines and travel service providers make planning and booking travels online easier for clients. With little research in the internet and a few clicks here and there, travellers are able to make travel arrangement in their homes.

So why are travel agents still needed?

Time and stress

Researching alone takes a lot of time. This is also assuming that the planning is not controlled by anyone else or no one else is making the decisions. When there is another participant, travel planning can quickly begin to get complicated.

When the research is finished, the comparisons need to be done. After that, the thought of doing the actual booking now begins. This was just for the airline and flights. The transfers, the accommodations, the activities or excursions and so much more still need to be planned.

With the help of travel agent, the stress disappears. It just takes an informal chat for them to know what the budget is, when to depart, and they can all handle it from there.


The most experienced travellers will still struggle to maintain his or her own compared to travel agents. It is their profession after all. They have insights to the market that most have not heard of. They can tailor the trips for specific needs. They are knowledgeable about planning trips with multiple stops going to various destinations. They also save one the onslaught of advices, suggestions and adverts.

Deals and pricing

A travel agent doesn’t necessarily cost too much than what people say. One can even save since they are doing their best to get those great deals for their clients. They have access to exclusive deals, promotional offers and industry-only platforms making their options far wider than a common traveller. Even when there is fee, the time and effort will then outweigh the costs.


So, for anyone considering trips to countries in South America or in Europe, it might be helpful to work with travel agents such as those from South America Tours or other companies to get hassle-free and professional help that eases one’s mind. These agencies have a code of conduct to comply with and are business-accredited.