Instead of typing on the search bar, you can use voice search that works through speech recognition to search the web. Users won’t have the convenient links that they click on. What will happen to SEO? Surprisingly, linkless mentions will become more important to SEO. There are evidences That Google and Bing associate mentions to a brand or website without a link and uses it as a trust signal.

Links are very important to organic rankings. Studies reveal the strong correlation between link signals and SERF results. Google has also stated that PageRank remains a key ranking signal. Links certainly matter because they are a representation of a user’s trust. Since search engines are getting better at understanding sentiment, there is a real possibility that link mentions will eventually be weighed as heavily as actual links.

Bing is a little more straightforward than Google on how its ranking algorithm works that is why we all know that analysis of sentiment and social signals are part and parcel of its strategy. According to Bing, understanding sentiment is the key to understanding trust. In its Webmaster’s Guidelines, Bing states that social media plays a big role in today’s efforts to rank well in search results.

The most obvious role that social media plays is influence. If you are one of those who are socially influential, your followers will share information widely which Bing sees as positive signals. In the long run, these positive signals will impact on how your web page ranks organically.

Furthermore, at an SMX West event, a former senior product manager of Bing said that the search engine figures out context and sentiment of tone and associates mentions even without a link. As the volume of traffic grows because of the trustworthiness of the mention, rankings get a bump. Basically, if high quality content is published and is highly cited on the internet with people talking about it, this means that your brand or website is doing great.

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